Efficiancy for modern teams

Cut out non-essential meetings
and repetitive messages

Modern development and remote teams work best asynchronously. Stop scheduling meetings and managing over text, switch to Acronos

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How is it different from using Slack/Teams?

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It's easier than you think to switch

Here's how Acronos can make you more efficient

Create a team and move your discussions to Acronos

Don't be stuck on Chat Channels and threads. Acronos discussions provide a better platform to communicate efficiently. You can easily tag discussions to find them later, search through discussions, and more!

Share just like you would in a meeting

Being asynchronous shouldn't restrict your communication. Share and record your screen while you talk, send images, share voice notes, add code, send files, and anything else you'd need to communicate with your team.

Automate regular meetings with customizable inputs

Build your own discussions that request inputs from team members and schedule it to run everyday. Always stay in the loop of what everyone is working on, and track progress together.

Work efficiently with no distractions

Don't sit through meetings all day, or have to break your flow of work for a discussion. We know morning meetings aren't for everyone, and no one likes one on a Friday evening. Work efficiently and communicate better asynchronously so you're always at your best

Why use Acronos?

As creators and developers, you shouldn't have to worry about planning discussions and moving your day around it. Acronos can help you get more organised and efficient in the following fields.

Improved remote work efficiency

Working across cities and time-zones can be difficult. Don't waste time finding a time that works for everyone, and ensuring that the meeting is still on. Use Acronos for asynchronous meetings and ensure everyone is always onboard.

Don't break the flow

When you're in the zone building and shipping, the last thing you want is a scheduled meeting to break the flow. Join the discussion when you can without losing out on anything discussed.

Stay organised for later

With Acronos you won't have to make notes for every meeting. Add Tags to a discussion so you can look them up efficiently later and stay organised by knowing what each discussion is about. Search for words in all discussions so you never forget anything.

Save time with better discussions

Meetings take up more time than they should. Good discussions involve taking time to think, time that can be spent separately. With Acronos, you can take your time to come up with a proper response to add to the discussion instead of extending meetings or re-scheduling them to discuss further

Stay in the loop

Don't be lost cause you missed a meeting, or have to guess what your team members are upto. View any discussions in your team, and always be up-to-date

Work at your best

Everyone is different. The morning 8AM discussions might be too early, and the Friday evening meetings tiring. Respond when you're ready, not when you're forced to. Improves morale and efficiency.

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